In Studio Video Production

Expert Business Videos

Our specialized in studio video production service offers expert videos with custom graphic designs to match your brand! We help professional speakers, career professionals and business owners produce effective media to reach a target audience. Effective and affordable video production services to build trust with your audience, increase views in social media and generate more leads with your marketing campaigns. Don't let your competition beat you up with video.  >> Contact a video marketing expert today!

We Expertly Craft Your Business Video

Expert Camera Talent

Let us make your business videos!  Don't have the time or the desire to be in front of a camera to promote your service or products?  Relax, we got you covered.  We have professional camera & voice talent to deliver the perfect presentation to your audience.

Professional Cameras & Lenses

We choose Canon as our strategic supplier of professional cameras and lens to make world-class business videos.  Our primary camera of choice is the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II, a mainstay of media broadcasting and film production in addition to our EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 70D DSLR Cameras. We also have a great selection of wide angle, portrait and macro lenses to get creative with your video!

Professional Audio Recordings

The quality of audio for video production is huge.  DSLR cameras lack the space to process audio without degradation in the form of hiss, noise or distortion. We use a  Zoom H4 field recorder paired with the Sony UTX transmitter & receiver connected to lav mic to achieve a clean external audio recording. We also control the audio input level to provide a comfortable volume of playback for your audience.

Professional LED Lighting System

We use state-of-the-art production LED lightning like the Westcott Skylux key light and softbox and the Fiilex P360EX Variable Color fill lights to produce our world-class business and promotion videos. Imagine this, noiseless LED lights with a greatly reduced heat signature that allow our camera talent to stay cool under the heat of production to deliver an awesome performance with your company message. 

We sweat the details in the right way!

Edelkrone Slider / Focus One

We add more zing to our business videos with the Edelkrone Slider Plus and the Focus One Module. We can elevate the production of your business video in a big way! Using a slider behind the camera or a slow panning motion on the talent adds huge production value to any video.  Likewise, a controlled focus can be a great creative tool to emphasize key points in your presentation.


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  • 1 Business Video
  • Professional lightning & camera
  • Professional audio recording
  • Video edits / colour grading
  • 4 minutes or less of run time*
  • 5 simple animations per video
  • 2 b-roll cuts (optional)*
  • Designs to match your band
  • Rendered to 720HD or 1080HD
  • 1 free revision ($50 per revision)
  • Ready in 9 business days*


  • 2 Business Videos
  • Professional lighting & camera
  • Professional audio recording
  • Video edits / colour grading
  • 8 total minutes of run time*
  • 12 simple animations
  • 2 b-roll cuts (optional)*
  • Designs to match your band
  • Rendered to 720HD or 1080HD
  • 3 free revisions ($100 per revision)
  • Ready in 9 to 14 business days*


  • 3 Business Videos
  • Professional lightning & camera
  • Professional audio recording
  • Video edits
  • 12 total minutes of run time*
  • 21 simple animations
  • 6 b-roll cuts (optional)*
  • Designs to match your band
  • Rendered to 720HD or 1080HD
  • 5 free revisions ($100 per revision)
  • Ready in 15 to 20 business days*

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