Roscoe Rides

Ross Elias, baby boomer and road trip enthusiast shares his passion for cruising the open road. Ross Elias choose Red Wagon Video as a trusted partner to craft his passion video. "Ross was completely engaged in the production process. For a few days Ross got to be the star in his own video with all the bells and whistles offered by our world-class media production team." says Scott Beardmore, Creative Director of Red Wagon Video.

Building a story and staying on budget

How did Red Wagon Video provide Ross a vision for his story? We listen and ask the right questions to get the information we need to begin with the building blocks for a  great story. Most importantly we understand how to scale the script or storyboard to meet the client budget.  For Ross Elias, we drew from his life experiences as a aircraft mechanic as the starting point for his video.

Keeping it real

After interviewing Ross, Red Wagon Video's approach to production was to keep it real for Ross and his audience. We made a conscious effort to avoid a video dominated by continuous long angle shots with slick drone footage which is common for "shared passion" videos. Instead we mixed in a healthy amount of medium to close-up camera angles to personalize Ross, the bike and his adventure on the road. By leveraging our efficient In Studio Production services, we gave Ross a personal touch to introduce Roscoe Rides. This made Ross a happy customer.