Gary Schweitzer

We help the entrepreneur and veteran video marketer, Gary Schweitzer, produce sales videos for Accelerated Online Learning to help massage therapy practitioners earn their required course credits.  We help Gary meet a tight marketing schedule with quality production and post-production services.  Gary is a regular client of our in-studio production services design specifically for "talking head" videos.

Gary's experience working with us?

When Gary steps into our Kelowna "Talking Head" studio his script is uploaded and ready on the teleprompter.  There is no wasted time because all lights, cameras and audio gear are ready to produce his preferred style of video.  But what Gary truly appreciates is the flexibility and pricing of our video packages.  We believe our clients want value with predictable pricing to fit their annual marketing budget.  Our service is designed to handle up to 8 minutes of runtime.  How much runtime you want in your video within 8 minutes is up to you.  Need more than 5 animation points in your presentation?  We have no limit on the number of animations we will apply to your video.  Our creative team will apply as many animations we feel is needed to make an effective presentation.  We get your video ready in 5 to 7 business days guaranteed or you don't pay a dime.  For extra value, the more videos you make in one session the lower your cost per video will be.   Efficiency = Savings.   This is how Red Wagon meets our client's busy publishing schedule with video.

What type of videos can you make?

You can use our service for more than just sales videos.  Here are some creative ways customers use our  "Talking Head" studio:

  • Customer Testimony
  • Product Review
  • Service Announcements
  • Training
  • Educational
  • Feature Comparison
  • Prospecting
  • How To
  • Vlogs