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Become a Rock Star in the eyes of your ideal buyer and build trust & rapport quickly to turn online visitors into loyal customers!


Video Production with Red Wagon Video

Lights, Camera, Action!

We specialize in the production of business videos! From YouTube to Facebook we help companies like Voyager RV, increase online views and generate more leads with a variety of cost effective videos each month to convert online visitors into loyal customers.  Speak with us today and learn how we do things differently to help you stay on budget.

Corporate Talking Head Videos -

Expert Business Videos

Need an expertly crafted talking head video? Our In Studio Video Production service helps business owners deliver their message with quality video production for a wide range of marketing applications. From prospecting videos to webinars,  video is the superior means of communication with your potential buyers and customers.


With marketing experience and a passion for detail!

We Market Videos

We have oodles of marketing experience to help you plan and build your next amazing video. From YouTube to Webinars, work with video marketing experts today!

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We Produce Videos

We produce impact videos to connect with your audience and grow your business.

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We Animate Videos

We specialize in original, creative motion graphics to captivate your audience and elevate the value of your brand in the eyes of your customers.

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We Optimize Videos

We optimize the title, description, tags, annotations, and transcript to help videos get found in Google Search.

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We help you get there with a solid plan, a clear message, plenty of talent, and determination from us.



Use dynamic storytelling to drive customer engagement.



Gain meaningful insight to get results through analytics.



Understand the decision-making journey of your customers.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it. Listen to our satisfied customers!

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Customers growing their business with us

Edge Comb - 100x100

“I wanted my videos to stand out from the clutter. Red Wagon’s animated graphics were the way to go. What a difference! They’re fun, memorable, and relevant to my target audience. I can’t wait to make the next one!”

Linda Edgecombe, Professional Speaker

Ed Lister - 100x100

“I purchased a 2014 Stringray Corvette and I wanted to use it for branding purposes. Red Wagon was meticulous. From finding the right talent, preparing for the shoot, the shoot day itself, they put great care into everything they do.”

Ed Lister, Lister Technology Inc

Fraser Johnston - 100x100

“I needed a crowdfunding video and together with, Red Wagon delivered. The thing I appreciated so much about Red Wagon was they stuck to our needs, assembled the right team, and did terrific work within the budget.”

Fraser Johnston , Watch & Ride Academy

Sheery Cote - 100x100

“Red Wagon understood my audience intuitively and proceeded to make me an amazing video that somehow conveyed a Hollywood-type film-production lushness at a reasonable price. Would I do a sequel with them? In a heartbeat!”

Sherry Cote, A Vista Villa

Russell F. Haubrich - 100x100

The video media wizards at Red Wagon were excellent collaborative agents in the production of producing precisely what we envisioned was required to optimally position us in the marketplace to showcase the services we have to offer.

Russell F. Haubrich, General Manager of Vance Creek Hotel

How Can Video Help You?

eGuide - How to build a kick-ass blog for business

How to build a kick-ass business blog

Scott Beardmore, video marketer for Red Wagon Video shares his personal checklist in PDF format for writing a kick-ass blog for business to get results. Scott also shares audio clips from a live event presenting this topic for iNetwork Kelowna a business development and networking group.

How Talking Head Videos Benefit Your Business

How talking head videos benefit your business

What is a talking head video and how can a talking head video benefit your business? Join videographer, Ryan Lindquist of Red Wagon Video in this 4 minute video blog.

Does Video Dominate Social Media - 800x450

How dominate is video in social media? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg!

According to Mark Zuckerberg, video is the future. Like many other social media platforms, Facebook is all in on video. Read this blog to learn why video should be central piece to your social media strategy.